Israël : the crossed season France-Israël is about to start ! 1
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Nour Ben M'Barek
Thursday 7 June 2018 Last update on Thursday, June 7, 2018 At 8:22 AM

France and Israel are launching the first cultural event of this size tomorrow at Le Grand Palais in Paris. Emmanuel Macron will inaugurate a 6 months season of cultural and scientific events between French and Israeli cities.


This initiative was initially proposed by former French President François Hollande and then proposed again by Israelis officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The talks set the project in motion and the French-Israel crossed season is starting tomorrow.

The festival will last for six months and each country has spent about 1,5 million dollars to create it. The program includes about 400 events and associates dozens of partners like the Cultural French Institute in Tel-Aviv, the national center of spatial studies (CNES) and the Israeli Spatial Agency (ISA) for example.

This project has been designed as sort of an exchange of events and artists. French artists, like Christian Boltanski, expose their arts in different cities of Israel and Israeli artists, like the Batsheva company, show their work in France, in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier and so on. In the same vein, famous festivals celebrated in France will be exported in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

While this project between France and Israel is another occasion for French President Macron to express how close ties and friendship are between the two countries, to put it after his own words, some activists of the BDS campaign have raised their voices against the holding of the project.

This season will start from June and last until November 2018. It will be closed in Paris by a concert performed by the Israeli singer Noa who will be surrounded by musicians from both countries.

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