Tel Aviv Innovation Week: a taste of what you may have missed! 2
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Friday 8 June 2018 Last update on Friday, June 8, 2018 At 9:27 AM

You must have heard of Israel as a global centre of high tech and entrepreneurship. Creative Tech events explicitly perform recognition of discourses relating to its unnatural economic puissance. This year’s TechCrunch Conference, in turn, takes place in Tel Aviv, focusing on the mobility industry in Israel and around the world. Ahead of the event, the leading US tech industry news publisher has co-hosted from 3rd to 6th June, in conjunction with The Builders, a private equity firm, its first ever Tel Aviv Innovation Week. In case you’ve missed the event, we’ve got you covered!

From 3rd to 6th June, culminating in the TC Tel Aviv Conference, Tel Aviv Innovation Week has featured a series of events and meetups focusing on various technologies and startups highlighting mobility innovations that are coming out of Israel and all major global markets. Here’s a taste of events that went down before the TC Tel Aviv Conference opens:

  • Deloitte Storytelling Workshop: Deloitte’s innovation Tech Terminal (ITT), in collaboration with Israeli practices, has hosted a workshop presenting real-life companies stories and practical take-away advices focusing on technology innovation.
  • Scaling Immigrant Talent to Build a Global Ecosystem: on June 3rd, Aleph partners with the best and brightest Israeli entrepreneurs hosted a job fair for students looking to help scale up Israeli companies, and job postings for entry-level positions in the fields of remote sales and marketing.
  • Your Startup’s Customer: Providing a Better Customer Service: on June 4th, Creators has hold a panel discussion with many big Israeli names such as Michael Eisenberg, co-founder of Aleph, Liora Shechter, CIO of the Tel Aviv – Jafo Municipality and Shahar Bracha, Director of Strategy and Planning Division at the ICT Authority, Office of the Prime Minister.
  • Tech. Brain. Happiness: On Neurowellness & technologies that help us feel good: this creative upcoming meetup, organized by Joy Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in investments in start-ups, has taken place June 4th. Participants had the opportunity to explore the potential of new technologies for anxiety relief, stress reduction, and mood improvement.

The TC Tel Aviv Conference, kicked off June 7th

Tel Aviv Innovation Week was meant to inspire meaningful discussions. It has featured great minds that have come up with brightest innovations focused on the mobility sector and has led up to the TC Tel Aviv Conference.

The largest international tech conference kicked off June 7th, as the mobility industry’s most prominent leader from Israel and all over the world gathered in Tel Aviv. The participants had the opportunity to explore emergent technologies designed to change the mobility sector as we know it.

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