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Wednesday 3 October 2018 Last update on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 At 1:19 PM

During the last DLD festival at Tel Aviv, we met Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel-Aviv and Yossi Vardi an Israeli investor. The both try to explain to us why is Israel and especially Tel-Aviv is so creative.

Whether you are familiar with Israeli culture or not, if new technologies are part of your interests, you probably have heard Israel the startup Nation a number of times. If the mayor and the investor explain the success to their ways some information testify to the effectiveness of the Israeli mode, indeed :

– Apart from the United States and China, it is the first country in the world, in terms of companies listed on Nasdaq.

– It is the first country in the world to focus on startups: there is a startup for 400 inhabitants and every 19kms².

– It is the largest country in the world in terms of employee concentration in research and development: 140 per 10,000 (the United States is in second place, with 85 per 10,000).

– It is the No. 1 country in terms of concentration of employees in the high tech sector: Israel has 250,000 employees working in high tech (which represents nearly one in 10 employees).

– It is the fifth country in the world, in terms of patents per inhabitant.

And this is probably why thousands of high-tech professionals gathered at the Israeli Digital Life Design (DLD) festival. Founded in 2005 by Yossi Vardi he received this year more than 110 delegations, 4000 participants and 100 startups.

If you miss this moment find our videos about the DLD here : 




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