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Thursday 6 February 2020 Last update on Thursday, February 6, 2020 At 8:12 AM

Israeli companies raised a record $ 2.24 billion in 142 deals in the third quarter of 2019, according to a new report released by Tel Aviv-based IVC Research Centre and ZAG-S&W international commercial law firm. Let’s focus on some predictions for Israeli tech in 2020.


Israeli companies raised a record $ 2.24 billion in 142 deals in the third quarter of 2019. What are some predictions for Israeli tech in 2020? 

2019: an incredible year for Israeli tech 

The third quarter of 2019 has been incredible for Israeli tech. during this period, Israeli start-ups have raised a cumulative $ 4.68 billion in venture funding, which is practically the same amount raised throughout all of 2018. Some leading examples of the start-ups include Cybereason, a US-Israeli cybersecurity firm which raised $ 200 million in a financing from SoftBank Group and its affiliates; Lightricks, a company that develops video and image editing mobile apps, which raised $ 135 million in a Series C round; and Hippo, an Israeli-led insurance start-up that raised $ 100 million from high-profile venture capital funds.

3 bold predictions for Israeli tech in 2020

There’s no doubt, Israel’s tech sector is booming. Yet, this raised some questions: What technologies will be key to the commercial development? Will funding levels continue to reach new heights? and where will the next big Israeli innovation come from? As we turn our attention to 2020, here are 3 bold predictions for Israeli tech for this year: 

IPOs and growth rounds will continue to dominate

Capital has been flowing to successful Israeli start-ups and founders are able to throw for the fences. In addition, Israeli VCs scene including Qumra Capital, Viola Growth and Israel Growth Partners will have an active growth and start-ups with healthy profits will have plenty of options to fuel their business growth. Moreover, the revival of Israeli start-ups looking to go public, which started in 2019, will only increase in 2020. 

There are plenty of Israeli start-ups surpassing the $ 100 million annual recurring revenue threshold. Sisense, an analytics and business intelligence platform; Payoneer, a payment solution and Zerto, a data recovery start-up are some of the companies that went public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In 2020, the stage is set for more IPOs and the list of companies heading in this direction is growing.

2020 : a record year for digital health in Israel

Over the past few years, many innovative start-ups have pinned their focus on repairing the healthcare industry. In 2019, digital health investing continued to blossom and many companies focused on developing tech solutions in areas such as care navigation, mental health, remote care, digital therapeutics and new models of integrating telehealth.

This year brings winds of change for Israeli digital health start-ups. Some notable examples include: Orcam, providing life changing AI technology for the blind; TalkSpace, offering therapy and counselling on demand and, turning smartphone cameras into clinical grade medical devices.

Artificial intelligence will deliver real value to the country 

Over the past few years, Artificial intelligence (IA) has become a viable field of technology. Israeli founders, have applied their know-how across a variety of sectors. Many of them came out of the Israeli military, with training in machine learning solutions and developing artificial intelligence applications. Consequently, this led to the proliferation of start-ups using AI to solve problems in autonomous vehicles, cyber security, insuretech, fintech, legal tech, etc.

In 2020, companies will be focused on improving customer experience and user interface in order to encourage active sales and faster adoption.


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