The risk of Lebanon collapsing is real. The situation is serious 1
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Denys Bédarride
Friday 17 July 2020 Last update on Friday, July 17, 2020 At 1:54 PM

The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense (France), chaired by Christian CAMBON, heard Jean-Yves Le DRIAN, France’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee underlines the risk of Lebanon’s collapse.

The discussions highlighted the seriousness of the financial, economic and social crisis that is hitting Lebanon. Jean-Yves Le DRIAN notably estimated that “the awareness, by Lebanese political actors, of the risk of collapse [was] very insufficient”.

Negotiations with the IMF, with a view to implementing reforms, were now broken off, after several meetings. The initiation of reforms was, however, a condition put by the Group of Friends of Lebanon to provide assistance.

We were also witnessing a re-confessionalization of the events, with a major risk of deviations. “The sooner the Lebanese authorities take the first reform measures, the better,” said Jean-Yves Le DRIAN.

He announced his next trip to Lebanon, while specifying that the solution to the difficulties facing the country could only come from the Lebanese authorities themselves, who had to take control of their destiny and assume their responsibilities.

After this hearing, Christian CAMBON said: “The situation in Lebanon is very serious. In this country that has gone through so much, it is true that the people are of admirable courage and resilience. But the risk of economic and financial collapse is now real. France will naturally be very mobilized to help Lebanon, a country which is very dear to us. But for that, the Lebanese must converge with the IMF on the reforms that are essential. ”


Source Senate France

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