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Friday 13 November 2020 Last update on Friday, November 13, 2020 At 11:03 AM
Date de début : 19 November 2020
Date de fin : 28 November 2020
Localisation : GTW-VE digital exhibition platform
Catégorie : “China-Middle East and North Africa (Morocco)” virtual international trade exhibition
Organisateur : China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

The “China-Middle East and North Africa (Morocco)” virtual international trade exhibition will be held on the GTW-VE digital exhibition platform from November 19 to 28, 2020; The CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) carefully designed and organized this virtual exhibition to meet and serve China's trade demands during this pandemic crisis and used an online exhibition platform, GTW-VE to further advance economic and trade relations between China, the Middle East and the countries of North Africa; Over 1,000 Chinese suppliers will showcase their products and services at this Expo, where five high-level industry conferences will be held over the ten days of the event. More than 10,000 buyers from the Middle East and North Africa will participate.

The “China-Middle East and North Africa (Morocco)” virtual international trade exhibition, hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), organized by the China International Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC), will be held for 10 days from 19 to 28 November 2020, on GTW-VE, an online B2B platform designed and developed by the MIE Group, aimed at providing excellent opportunities for companies to explore new marketing and establish contacts with potential buyers and business partners. This event will also bring together some of the industry’s leaders and experts from around the world to deliver unprecedented content at concurrent conferences.

CCPIT builds digital trade bridge for China, Middle East and North Africa

Since this COVID-19 crisis, the majority of businesses around the world have been massively affected and the Chinese overseas exhibition industry has also been seriously derailed, so many companies have been forced to cancel or delay their plans to exhibit abroad. The CCPIT has specifically designed this virtual exhibition with the aim of mitigating the impact of this pandemic and helping companies grow their businesses in the Middle East and North Africa during these difficult times.

The CCPIT hopes to use the online B2B platform GTW-VE to meet the business demands of China and countries in the region during this unfortunate pandemic crisis and to advance the economic and trade relations between China, the Middle East and the countries from North Africa.

Special launch of “The epidemic prevention supplies exhibition area

Over 1,000 Chinese companies are expected to take this valuable opportunity to showcase their products and services. A wide range of products will be showcased at this event, including medical equipment, building materials and equipment, office supplies, furniture and household items, gift items, electronics, home appliances, textile clothing, food, etc.

In particular, an “epidemic prevention supplies display area” will be created to deal with the difficult and delicate issues caused by COVID-19.

Digital signage and precise B2B matchmaking

The virtual format of this exhibition will play a vital role in establishing trade and facilitating the resumption of production for China, the Middle East and North Africa in the long run. The show sets up an online showroom to present products and services in a holistic manner. Exhibitors are allowed to perform virtual live broadcast and product demonstration and are also allowed to host video meetings and seminars through the online platform. Through Big Data matching and intelligent research, precise B2B matching between buyers and sellers would be easy to achieve, and buyers’ requests will be automatically recommended to the corresponding exhibitors to facilitate matching between the different operators.

Five high-level B2B sessions will be held simultaneously during the Expo

This ten-day event will feature five high-level industry B2B sessions, where managers, industry leaders, businessmen, key players, experts and innovators from the MENA region come together to interact and discuss market, trade and investment opportunities in a more innovative and in-depth manner. Each day one session will linger and focus on specific sectors and a wide range of key areas will be covered including infrastructure and capacity cooperation, food, agriculture and tea, furniture , home decoration and hotel supplies, textiles and clothing. A special session for medical equipment and epidemic prevention material is scheduled for November 26, 2020.

About the CCPIT:

Founded in 1952, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is a national foreign trade and investment promotion agency.

The main responsibilities of the CCPIT are: to implement the main relevant national development strategies and to promote foreign trade, bilateral investments and economic and technological cooperation; continue cooperation with foreign counterparts responsible for trade promotion; to receive high-end commercial and economic delegations abroad; organize Chinese trade and economic delegations to visit foreign countries; manage overseas trade exhibitions organized by Chinese agencies, participate in the affairs of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) and World Expo on behalf of the Chinese government; organize or accompany Chinese enterprises to attend trade and economic exhibitions, forums, fairs and other international conferences; represent the national industry in foreign trade and participate in the formulation of trade and economic policies and rules, in the negotiation and development of international trade rules; carry out legal advice, commercial conciliations, commercial and maritime arbitrations; sign and issue certificates of origin for export products and other certificates and documents related to foreign trade, provide intellectual property services such as patent application, trademark registration, litigation and rights protection ; organize industries and businesses to deal with trade disputes; provide business and economic information, training services, etc.

About CCOIC:

The China International Chamber of Commerce, or CCOIC, was established in 1988 with the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Affiliated with the China Council for the Promotion of International Business (CCPIT), CCOIC is a national chamber of commerce composed of enterprises, groups and other business organizations engaged in international business activities in China.

CCOIC adopts a membership system and its main responsibilities include: promoting economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries; reflecting the attractiveness of enterprises to international organizations and government departments of China and foreign countries on behalf of the Chinese business community; participate in the constitution and promotion of international trade rules; facilitate the participation of enterprises in international competition and cooperation; safeguarding the legitimate rights of its members and actively promoting social responsibility and public welfare in the business community.

With the aim of creating a pole-like chamber of commerce, CCOIC institutionally cooperates with other professional associations at home and abroad and provides services to its members and other businesses, including international exchanges, industrial cooperation, legal advice, market information, planning of exhibitions, investment projects and training.