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Denys Bédarride
Sunday 30 August 2020 Last update on Sunday, August 30, 2020 At 9:00 AM

Morocco has just concluded two agreements to participate in the development of a vaccine developed by the Chinese laboratory CNBG. Among other things, the agreement provides for cooperation with the Kingdom of the Cherifian region in the field of phase III clinical trials of the vaccine.

The Kingdom of Morocco will participate in the implementation of a vaccine developed in China against the coronavirus pandemic. The Moroccan authorities have indeed announced that they have concluded two cooperation agreements with the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm CNBG (China National Biotec Group Company Limited) which is developing the vaccine.

According to Nasser Bourita, Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, the first part of the signed agreements concerns “cooperation in the field of phase III clinical trials of the anti-covid-19 vaccine” developed by Sinopharm. The second part concerns global cooperation, while the third part concerns a “will to transcend” the two countries to “open up to the South and the North”.

The announcement comes as the race for the coronavirus vaccine appears to be decided between rich countries, which have announced in recent months that they have reached agreements with the laboratories concerned to obtain the first doses of a cure.

Even though it remains the continent least affected by the pandemic, Africa has unanimously called on the wealthiest countries to campaign for vaccines to be equitably available in both developed and developing countries.

“This is how we translate […] our commitment so that the future vaccine against covid-19 is accessible to all, in particular to the African continent“, declared Minister Bourita.

Recall that according to the latest report from the African Union, Morocco has recorded more than 44,800 cases of coronavirus contamination, for 714 deaths and 31,000 recoveries.

Source Ecofin Agency