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Denys Bédarride
Friday 27 November 2020 Last update on Friday, November 27, 2020 At 1:38 PM

This measure comes after the launch of an investigation following allegations of unfair competition on the part of operators in the Kingdom such as the OCP.

The US Department of Commerce has announced that it plans to impose a provisional duty of 23.46% on imports of phosphate fertilizers from Morocco.

This move, reported by Reuters, follows an investigation launched last July after petitions filed by the US fertilizer company Mosaic Co, the world leader in phosphate concentrates.

The new customs tariffs target both the Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP) and other producers / exporters of phosphate fertilizers in the Kingdom. The US Department, which has launched investigations into alleged “illegal subsidies” to Moroccan industry, is expected to make its final decision on February 8.

This will be followed by the final verdict of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) on March 25 with the publication of an order scheduled for April 1 that should better inform the various parties.

The US Department of Commerce’s announcement is expected to further sour relations between the OCP and authorities in Uncle Sam’s country. Earlier in July, the company threatened to suspend its exports. to the US market in the event of the imposition of countervailing duties.

In 2019, the US imported 2 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizer from Morocco for a value of $ 729 million.