What if Turkey had become a center of attraction for global investment with its reforms of the past 18 years?
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Denys Bédarride
Thursday 11 March 2021 Last update on Thursday, March 11, 2021 At 11:03 AM

The Organization for Cooperation and Development in Europe has published its Interim Economic Outlook Report for March.

In this report, the OECD, which notes an improvement in the global economic context due to vaccination campaigns against Covid-19 and additional financial measures, has revised upwards its estimates in terms of economic growth for the year 2021 .

Thus, the OECD, which had predicted global growth of + 4.2% for this current year, shared a new, stronger estimate of + 5.6%.

The inter-governmental institution also revised its estimate for Turkey, from + 2.9% to + 5.9%.

In addition, the estimates for 2022 are also revised upwards. They go from + 3.7% to + 4%, for the world economy.

But not all of these revisions are up. For 2021, the OECD corrects its estimate for China from% 8% to + 7.8%.

Finally, the OECD predicts that the Turkish economy will grow by + 3% in 2022, against an initial forecast of + 3.2%.

Source Anadolu Agency