Israel: Israeli satellite telecom service provider Spacecom to strengthen presence in African market
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Thursday 1 July 2021 Last update on Thursday, July 1, 2021 At 10:06 AM

According to the GSMA, a large part of the African population remains deprived of access to telecom services. While telecom operators are struggling to cover rural and isolated areas, Spacecom is building up partnerships to develop its presence there and gain market share on the continent.

Israeli satellite telecom service provider Spacecom announced on Tuesday (June 29th) the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with NuRAN Wireless Inc., a Canadian company specializing in providing high-speed wireless satellite communications solutions, to strengthen its presence in the African market. With this agreement, which resulted in the acquisition of 9.3% of the capital of NuRAN Wireless for 3.2 million USD, Spacecom obtained the exclusive rights to provide satellite capacity and bandwidth for all future markets for the Canadian company in Africa, in particular the last ones signed in March with Orange in Cameroon and DR Congo.

Dan Zajicek, Chairman and CEO of Spacecom, said this initiative to provide communications to remote regions and sparsely populated areas in Africa “represents another strategic step for Spacecom to bridge the continent’s digital divide. The advanced and unique capabilities of the AMOS-17 satellite, together with the solutions from NuRAN Wireless, demonstrate Spacecom’s desire to provide services in regions of Africa with limited infrastructure ”.

In its State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report 2020, the World Association of Telephone Operators (GSMA) estimated that sub-Saharan Africa was home to 67% of the 600 million people still living outside areas covered by telecom services.

Spacecom’s investment in NuRAN Wireless Inc. is in line with its plans to expand into the continent where it aims to become a leading provider of satellite communications solutions and services. Since 2019, the company has been increasing its strategic partnerships for this purpose. They go beyond the provision of telecom capacities by satellite, integrating the design, planning, operation and management of advanced communication networks.

Francis Letourneau, Chairman and CEO of NuRAN Wireless, explained that the combined experience of the two companies will boost the potential of the African rural market where access to high-speed mobile connectivity, essential for human and socio-economic development, continues to grow. largely lacking despite the efforts of mobile operators to expand their networks. “This strategic partnership between NuRAN Wireless and Spacecom is essential to bridge the digital divide,” he said.

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