Egypt will finally have connected the population to natural gas by the end of 2023
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Denys Bédarride
Monday 6 December 2021 Last update on Monday, December 6, 2021 At 3:16 PM

The deterioration of the situation in the Lebanese energy sector with the politico-economic crisis results in long blackouts. But according to an American energy security adviser, a way out is still possible as soon as possible.

On November 30, Amos Hochstein, senior advisor to the US State Department for international energy security, announced that Lebanon’s supply of Egyptian natural gas could begin within three months.

“We are increasingly optimistic that we will be able to circulate gas to generate energy within the next two or three months,” said the expert.

If the deadlines are respected, the delivery will take place a few weeks before the start of the legislative elections in the country of the Cedar scheduled for March 27, 2022. A delicate political turn for Lebanon which, according to Hochstein, justifies that everything be done with caution “So that Lebanon does not collapse”.

It should be remembered that faced with the political and economic crisis that the country is going through, an action plan has been decided by certain states in the Middle East, including Egypt. The objective is to help the country face the energy crisis by delivering a substantial quantity of natural gas, the volume of which has even been increased recently.

This should be done via a gas pipeline that connects Egypt and Lebanon via Jordan and Syria. The aim is to provide 450 MW of electricity to restart the power stations currently shut down.

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