Egypt wants to increase the share of renewables in its energy mix to 20% by 2022, then to 42% by 2035
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Denys Bédarride
Friday 21 January 2022 Last update on Friday, January 21, 2022 At 11:34 AM

The government, which is organizing COP 27 next year, is therefore stepping up partnerships with investors to achieve these goals.

The construction of the two renewable energy production plants, piloted in Egypt by the Emirati AlNowais Investments, will cost $ 1 billion. President Hussain AlNowais said in an interview with the Arab daily Asharq, saying that the facilities will be ready in two to three years.

With a capacity of 500 MW, the first project is a solar power plant at Kom Ombo in Aswan governorate in southern Egypt. The second, a wind power plant with the same capacity, is located on the Red Sea coast.

Egypt, which wants to increase its renewable energy park to 10,000 MW by the second half of 2023 against 6,000 MW currently, is considered an example in this area on the continent. Beyond solar and wind power, it should be noted that the country is also counting on green hydrogen projects to achieve its goals.

It is within this framework that the company of Hussain AlNowais is working, we learn, to set up a consortium of German, Japanese and Italian companies to produce green ammonia (obtained from green hydrogen ), a clean fuel that could power planes in the future.

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