Tunisia: Investments in the industrial sector fell by 25.8%
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Denys Bédarride
Tuesday 8 February 2022 Last update on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 At 11:03 AM

According to the latest economic bulletin from the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII), investment in the industrial sector decreased by 25.8% in 2021 and amounts to 2.5 billion TND , (770.2 M EUR) after 3.4 Bn TND in 2020, (1 Bn EUR).

While investment declarations increased in the agro-food (+26%) and chemical industries (+14.5%) sectors, a multitude of sectors show a decline in declared investments in 2021, in particular that construction materials (-72.8%), mechanical and electrical industries (-47.7%) and leather and footwear industries (-44.4%).

In addition, declared investments concerning totally exporting industries recorded a slight increase of 0.3% (1.1 billion TND in 2021).

On the other hand, those intended for industries whose production is oriented towards the local market are down by 37.4% (1.5 billion TND in 2021 after 2.4 billion in 2020). Regional development zones remain just as fragile with a decline in declared investment of 22% between 2020 and 2021 (from 1.7 billion TND to 1.3 billion TND).

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