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Tuesday 20 June 2023 Last update on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 At 10:43 AM

Cairo and Baghdad signed 11 economic cooperation documents on June 13, at the end of the work of the "Egyptian-Iraqi Joint Higher Committee" headed by the Prime Ministers of the two countries.

This is what emerges from a press release published by the office of the Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, at the end of a press conference in Cairo, with his Iraqi counterpart, Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani.

Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani said at the press conference that Iraq and Egypt had signed 11 memorandums of understanding, as well as the minutes of the joint meeting.

He stressed that these notes and memorandums of understanding are a roadmap for the relations between the two governments for the next stage, which stands as a translation of the will and the serious desire of the leaders of the two countries to develop the relations. bilateral relations and pave the way for economic and trade cooperation.

For his part, Mostafa Madbouly said at the end of the one-day meetings that the economic and trade relations between the two countries will experience a leap in the coming period, with the broadening of the horizons of cooperation.

Source Anadolu Agency

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