Pruvo : the Israeli start-up that is offering lower prices for hotels. 2
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Friday 6 October 2017 Last update on Friday, October 6, 2017 At 11:56 AM

Everybody knows Booking, Trivago or Travelocity to book a bedroom at the cheapest rate. But Pruvo has released another algorithm that makes your savings higher. Explanations.

King David Hotel facade building.

However algorithm are calculating empty space rate from the hotel Pruvo is calculating the price once you have already booked your ticket. The main booking companies buy bedrooms from the original website before selling them to you. With Pruvo, this is the reverse. Once you booked your reservation, the start-up is launching a data analysis regarding the other booking prices made by any other customers. Then a tracking system will alert you on the prices other customers paid. When you are booking online Pruvo advise you to tick the “free cancellation policy “ box. You will have though the possibility to cancel your reservation and booking another bedroom (sometimes the same one…) for a way cheaper price.

The start-up has only extended the application across the Israeli territory yet but the direction is willing to develop it internationally. Doron Nadivi the vice president of Pruvo has studied at the famous institute for Technology: the Technion where he met the colleagues he is working with. Then he has worked for tour agency where he noticed that 40% of hotels are having a lower price than what they are announcing on their website. 67% would even be the average percentage of the price lowing.

As a reminder, Israel registered a high increase of tourism this year with 16 millions visitors accross the country. Catering and hotel in Israel remains quite expensive however tourists are 25% lots more than they were last year. 

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