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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 16 December 2020 Last update on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 At 6:05 PM

Israeli company Agrotop will build West Africa's largest poultry farm. Scheduled to be completed by 2022, the facility will include a slaughterhouse with 60,000 chickens per week.

In Ivory Coast, the Israeli company Agrotop, which specializes in turnkey livestock projects, will build West Africa’s largest poultry farm in the city of Toumodi, in the center of the country.

According to details relayed by the FeedNavigator site, the operation will cover 50 hectares and will consist of 7 chicken breeding units and a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 60,000 chickens per week. It will also include a rendering facility as well as a division for the recovery and conversion of slaughterhouse waste and feathers into protein.

The farm is expected to source local raw materials for the manufacture of animal feed and plans to import food supplements as well. According to the promoters’ forecasts, it should be operational in early 2022 and generate 600 job opportunities.

As a reminder, this project is led by Ivorian Olivier K. Ban.

In Ivory Coast, the poultry sector generates an annual turnover of around 40 billion CFA francs.

Source Ecofin Agency