Egypt: inauguration of the world's largest suspension bridge
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Thursday 23 May 2019 Last update on Thursday, May 23, 2019 At 9:03 AM

President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi inaugurated the world's largest suspension bridge in mid-week. At 64.8 metres wide, the new structure beats the record held by the bridge over the Bosporus Strait in Turkey, at 64.2 metres. This major infrastructure will relieve congestion and facilitate traffic flow in the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

The 64.2-metre wide Turkish bridge over the Bosporus Strait now passes behind the new Egyptian suspension bridge. The new 64.8-metre wide Egyptian structure was inaugurated on Wednesday, May 15th, by Head of State Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi. The giant infrastructure crosses the Nile River 16.7 kilometres in the centre of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The bridge is part of a highway extending from the Red Sea in the east to the Mediterranean coast in the northwest of the country.

The second most populated city in Africa with more than 19.5 million inhabitants, the Egyptian capital is known for its large traffic jams.

Thus, the bridge will relieve congestion in the city and facilitate traffic flow in the metropolis. As a reminder, this new bridge is part of a list of mega-projects of the government, including the construction of a new capital in the desert and the project to widen the Suez Canal.

The total length of the Rod el Farag axis bridge is 16.7 kilometres

Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli, Presidential Advisor for National and Strategic Projects Sherif Ismail and Minister of Transport Kamel el Wazir attended the inauguration alongside several senior state officials.

A documentary film produced by the Department of Armed Forces Morale Affaires was displayed to explain the steps in the construction of the Rod el Farag Axis Bridge, which was implemented by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority in collaboration with a number of national companies.

The bridge links the northern and eastern parts of Cairo to the west of Cairo and aims to rationalise traffic and reduce daily travel time. It will be parallel to the 26 July corridor, which connects the city of 6 October and the city of Sheikh Zayed with Greater Cairo.

The total length of the Rod el Farag axis bridge is 16.7 kilometres, divided into five bridges that connect a number of areas. The longest of these bridges is the Shobra Neighbourhood Bridge, followed by the Ring Road Intersection Bridge. The other three bridges are the Warraq Bridge, the West Nile Bridge and the East Nile Bridge.

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