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Denys Bédarride
Tuesday 22 December 2020 Last update on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 At 4:58 PM

To achieve this, it relies on independent producers including Amea Power, which is developing the Kom Ombo solar power plant, whose power will soon be increased.

Emirati energy company Amea Power has announced an increase in the capacity of its Kom Ombo solar power plant in Aswan governorate. The capacity of the infrastructure will thus increase from 200 to 500 MW. “The additional 300 MW will be located on the same site, on land adjacent to the 200 MW plant,” Hussain Al Nowais, executive director of AlNowais Investment Company, Amea’s parent company, told PV Magazine.

All output from the site will be transferred to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company under a long-term power buyback agreement. The applicable electricity tariff has not yet been disclosed by the parties. “The expected rate is correct. The exact value of the investment is yet to be determined, ”the official said.

The new infrastructure will be owned and operated by Abyodos Solar Power Company, an entity specially set up for this purpose.

The Kom Ombo region enjoys a lot of sunshine. It also hosts another 200 MW power plant developed by Acwa Power.

Source Ecofin Agency