Egypt says Egyptian-Libyan cooperation in international communications is topical
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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 17 March 2021 Last update on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 At 7:53 PM

Thanks to a framework for the exchange of experiences with Egypt, in place for many years, Libya wants to offer its populations high quality telecom services. The country can thus save on the costly deployment of telecom infrastructures.

The Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC) has requested cooperation with Telecom Egypt in the international communications segment. Adel Abu Faris, the chairman of the Libyan state-owned company, a subsidiary of the Libyan Post and Telecommunications and Information Technology Holding, discussed the issue on March 15 with Adel Hamed, the chairman and CEO of the Egyptian incumbent.

Adel Hamed said Egyptian-Libyan cooperation in the area of international communications, including data and voice services, would result in LITC’s access to Telecom Egypt’s submarine cable infrastructure which spreads all over the world. He said this would allow the Libyan people to access quality communications between the two countries and with all of Africa.

Adel Abu Faris explained that the expected cooperation with Telecom Egypt is part of the experience exchange agreements signed for many years by the two companies. He said that these discussions open horizons for joint cooperation in the field of more advanced technologies.

By cooperating with Telecom Egypt, one of the leading telecom operators in the Middle East and North Africa region, LITC will be able to access cutting-edge technical means at a lower cost which will enable it to respond effectively to the growing connectivity needs of the region. Libyan people.

Source Ecofin Agency