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Fiona Urbain
Tuesday 26 October 2021 Last update on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 At 10:58 AM

Med4Waste is a new project focused on sustainable waste management that targets six countries, from north to south of the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon. Objective: to facilitate new governance models for integrated and efficient urban waste management policies.

Med4Waste is a 24-month project with a budget of 1,110,655.24 million euros financed by the European Commission under the ENI CBC MED program up to 57% and is scheduled to start in November 2021. 

This new project aims to facilitate new governance models for integrated and effective urban waste management policies across the Mediterranean.

“We chose to work on the MED4WEST project because it is a very interesting topic for regional recovery, and because we have all seen that the region is changing in terms of climate change. It is therefore important to work on the green and blue economy, and in particular to involve the private sector to work on social responsibility, so that their companies are more involved,” explains Jihen Boutiba, Secretary general of BUSINESSMED.

“We will work at different levels with local authorities, SMEs, entrepreneurs… to achieve sustainable waste management and to implement and share knowledge and best practices throughout the region” explains Federica Bruni, Network and development officer BUSINESSMED. 

“The project includes both a capacity building component and a policy and financial support component for entrepreneurs and SMEs that will work within the framework of the project,” says Federica Bruni.

Different objectives: building on and improving existing knowledge to foster the capitalization of innovative, integrated and effective social practices of the public, private and social sectors in waste management through, with a particular focus on waste prevention, circular economy practices and the organic component.

MED4WASTE will also provide advice and training to public administrations and relevant private and social actors, in order to implement transfer and operational actions through the planning, adaptation and retrofitting of waste management plans, policies and other management actions and normative factors (regulations, financial plans, service contracts).

Finally, the project aims to support the dissemination of key results and increase awareness among key stakeholders, promote cross-border and cross-sectoral networking, and foster the long-term commitment of decision and policy makers to promote an environmental, socio-economic and institutional transition towards green growth in the Mediterranean basin.

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