Morocco : the Kingdom signs an important partnership agreement with the Chinese Huawei
huawei Par Brücke Osteuropa
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Denys Bédarride
Friday 10 December 2021 Last update on Friday, December 10, 2021 At 5:07 PM

It aims to facilitate student's access to the labor market in the fields of digital technologies with training and certification programs, the creation of 70 Huawei ICT Academy, the launch of a Prize for Excellence, the '' organization of seminars and workshops to exchange expertise and experiences

Aware of the strategic importance of integrating digital technologies in the academic and scientific field and of the need to strengthen and diversify cooperation and partnership programs, in particular with the private sector, Abdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, and Jerry Cui, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Morocco, a subsidiary of Chinese giant Huawei, specializing in information and communication technologies, signed on December 6, 2021, in Casablanca, a partnership agreement.

This Convention intends to lay the groundwork for an innovative partnership in the fields of digital technologies, with a view to facilitating students’ access to the labor market, through the creation, by 2025, of 70 Huawei ICT Academy; to develop training and certification programs, open to students, teachers and administrative and technical executives; to launch an Excellence Award for the benefit of the best students in the field of networks and telecommunications; to support the participation of students in international competitions related to digital technologies; organize seminars and workshops to exchange expertise and experiences.

In his speech Abdellatif Miraoui declared that “this partnership is part of the Roadmap that the ministry has adopted and where it puts students at the center of its concerns, in accordance with the commitments made in the Government Program 2021-2026 and the recommendations of the General Report of the New Development Model ”.

It is also part of the efforts made by the Moroccan University with the objective of strengthening the transversal skills of its graduates to further promote their employability. For his part, Jerry Cui clarified that “Huawei pays particular attention to the transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of information and communication technologies between the different actors of the education and research system”.

He recalled that “Huawei’s strategic vision aims to develop several programs in the digital field for students and administrative and educational executives, with a view to strengthening their skills”. Huawei moved to Morocco in 2002, with a first office in Rabat and then in Casablanca. In terms of job creation, Huawei has created between 700 and 800 direct and indirect jobs. Another key figure to highlight is the amount of local purchases that exceed $ 40 million.

Huawei Maroc is the major supplier of the ICT sector in Morocco. Huawei is also aware of its social responsibility and the importance of integrating a continuous process of progress approach. The transfer of ICT skills and the training of Moroccan digital talents are materialized through various programs: the Seeds for the future program; the Huawei ICT Academy program; Huawei ICT tours in universities; the Huawei ICT Competition.

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