Maroc : La Bourse de Casablanca et l’APSB s’associent pour le développement du marché boursier 1
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Denys Bédarride
Tuesday 9 November 2021 Last update on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 At 4:03 PM

The Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Professional Association of Broker Companies have signed a partnership agreement for the development of the stock market, to improve its attractiveness and liquidity and to better contribute to the financing of the economy.

These objectives respond to the New Development Model (NMD) initiated by Morocco, which is banking on the stock market for a revival of activity. The implementation of the orientations defined by the country will make it possible to sustainably initiate this new model and contribute to the establishment of sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

As part of this agreement, the Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Professional Association of Brokerage Companies (APSB) will set up a joint annual action plan which covers several areas of cooperation, relating to the development of markets and products. , improving the liquidity and attractiveness of the market, in particular for SMEs, promoting technology and data, etc.

During the signing of this agreement, Kamal Mokdad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Casablanca Stock Exchange declared: “Thanks to its strong capacity to mobilize savings and finance Moroccan companies, the stock market is called upon to play a role. fully its role as a catalyst for the seed process in the New Development Model. By uniting our efforts with those undertaken by the brokerage firms through this agreement, we will provide effective support for the economic development of our country ”.

Rachid Outariatte, President of the APSB added: “This agreement is testimony to our continued desire to actively participate in the development of the market with the aim of improving its attractiveness and contributing to the financing of the economy. With our partner Casablanca Stock Exchange, we will work on high-value areas of cooperation that will promote new products that meet investors’ needs for diversification and risk management. Areas that will also help improve the liquidity of the financial market. It is important to specify that structural reforms are underway and that the brokerage firms have the ambition to support the transformation of the stock market “.

The Casablanca Stock Exchange was created in 1929. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance within the framework of specifications. Its mission is to continuously enrich the offer of products and services, to develop and deploy a global strategy common to the various components of the stock market, to develop its infrastructure, to contribute to its development …

The Casablanca Stock Exchange is positioned among the main places in Africa. At the end of September 2021, its capitalization stood at 74.71 billion USD and its volumes at 5.27 billion USD. In recent years, the Casablanca Stock Exchange has strengthened its openness to African financial centers, as well as its relations with operators on the continent. She is an active member of the African Securities Exchanges Association and served as its chairman for almost two years.

The APSB, Professional Association of Brokerage Companies, has for mission to contribute to the promotion and development of the trades of brokerage companies and market investment services, in the Moroccan financial center. It brings together the 17 stock exchange companies and its role is to express their point of view on the major challenges of the evolution of market professions, in particular the improvement of stock exchange techniques, the creation of common services, introduction of new technologies, organization of seminars and conferences.

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