Morocco launches the Moroccan Retail Tech Builder, the first platform for incubating and accelerating digital startups in commerce
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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 27 April 2022 Last update on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 At 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University-UM6P and the OCP Foundation have launched in Rabat a campaign to identify the 100 startups that will benefit from the support offer of the Moroccan Retail Tech Builder "MRTB ". This is a national initiative as part of the Trade Sector Recovery Plan.

Driven by the State in terms of accelerating digital transformation, the generalization of digital services and the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities for users, the project echoes the political initiatives and economic and institutional reforms implemented before by King Mohammed VI.

This event made it possible to review the impact of digital transformation for the acceleration of the retail sector and to share the vision and support offers of this Venture Builder, with public and private actors. The speakers also explained the inclusion of the “MRTB” in the projections of the new development model which promotes a more inclusive and united Morocco, an innovative, competitive economy and which supports productive investments, job creators.

The content of the “MRTB” program, the result of a public-private partnership, was co-constructed with all the players in the retail sector. Indeed, startups and university researchers, sectoral federations, public institutions and experts met during several working sessions to consult, share and develop a common and innovative vision, including the Open Innovation Retail Workshop which took place in July 2021. .

Today, the “MRTB” opened its doors and launches, through this conference, the communication campaign for the identification of the next ambassadors and champions of Retail in Morocco. The call for applications concerns a support offer relating to the preincubation, incubation, creation, acceleration of Moroccan startups in order to stimulate the development of innovative digital solutions at the service of the trade sector and consumers, allowing the both a modernization and an improvement in the added value, and this, by 2024.

In order to enable them to benefit from an environment conducive to their development, the beneficiaries of the 4 “MRTB” programs: “Think”, “Start”, “Create” and “Scale” will be accommodated at the level of the startup campus. founded by UM6P “Startgate”, which is already piloting a range of incubation, creation and acceleration programs.

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