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Friday 25 November 2022 Last update on Friday, November 25, 2022 At 8:41 AM

Tunisia is trying to play an important role in the reconstruction of Libya. To do this, the two countries want to strengthen their economic ties, in particular through the promotion of trade and the participation of the private sector in development projects.

Libya has just signed cooperation agreements with Tunisia in the transport and trade sector. The signing ceremony took place on November 16, in the presence of the Trade Ministers of the two countries.

The agreement provides for the establishment of a common border economic zone. It also emphasizes the lifting of restrictions on the movement of goods between the two countries, as well as the facilitation of financial and administrative procedures for Libyan businessmen in Tunisia.

This agreement is part of a logic of rapprochement between the two countries, as announced by President Kaïs Saïed, during his visit to Tripoli in March 2021. Wishing that Tunisia would be at the forefront of the reconstruction of the State Libyan “brother”, President Saïed had indicated his intention “to establish new visions which strengthen the ties of cooperation existing between Tunisia and Libya, and a global solidarity which responds to the legitimate aspirations of the two brotherly peoples for stability and Development “.

In order to facilitate the forging of new economic ties, the two countries have agreed to form a joint working group for food and pharmaceutical security.

Note that the agreement also hopes to promote the participation of the private sector in the development of the two countries by inviting Libyan and Tunisian businessmen to participate and invest in infrastructure projects in the two countries.

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