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Friday 8 June 2018 Last update on Friday, June 8, 2018 At 9:57 AM

Since the 1960’s, Egypt has been an important economic neighbor and political partner to the EU, given the balance of power in the region. As the country is facing a complex economic, social and security environment, the EU is committed to pursue its aid policy to contribute to the wellbeing, improved living conditions and stability in Egypt.


Cairo Downtown

The European Union Delegation to Egypt hosted an Iftar for press and media last Saturday to discuss the main issues in the bilateral relations. Ambassador Ivan Surkoš, the Head of the EU delegation, addressed the participants underlining the paramount importance of free press and access to information for a democracy at work.

Ambassador Surkoš seized the opportunity of this annual event to point out the magnitude of the challenges facing both parties in politics, terrorism, human rights, migration, sustainable development, research and innovation.

He also highlighted the positive role of the Egyptian civil society, one of the most dynamic in the Arab world, as a key partner in taking forward reform plans. Touching upon migration, Ambassador Surkoš stated that tackling irregular migration, smuggling and trafficking must go hand-in-hand with the promotion of legal channels of mobility. He concluded his allocution by wishing Mohamed Salah a quick recovery and the Egyptian National Football Team hard luck in the World Cup to be held in Russia next week.

Standing side by side in addressing any challenges

The EU considers Egypt to be its most important trading partner in the Southern Mediterranean. “The richness of cooperation is evident in the figure of the total EU aid commitments to Egypt, which amounts to over €3bn in grants”, said the head of the EU Delegation.

This makes the total of combined ongoing aid commitments of EU member states, institutions and the European financing institutions (EFIs) go up to €11bn.

By this aid, the EU reiterated its support for Egypt addressing any challenges, including the issue of aquatic resources. Both parties will hold a Water Cooperation Day during the first Cairo Water Week (CWW) in October this year.

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