Tunisia : Attijari bank launches “WeBank” targeting the connected population
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Wednesday 10 October 2018 Last update on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 At 10:28 AM

Attijari Bank has woken up to the digital age, announcing the launch of its online bank, called “WeBank”, in order to handle the Tunisian connected population’s requests related to banking operations such as fund transfers, money transfers and bill payments.

Attijari bank, formerly known as “Banque du Sud”, has been actively engaged in creating new services targeting the needs of all customer segments since it was created in 1968. By launching “WeBank”, the institution has underlined its commitment to further make banking services faster, easier and more efficient.  

WeBank, a tailor-made banking service, is indeed based on four pillars: simplicity, flexibility, security, and trust. It offers a wide range of mobile and online features to young and connected clientele that is either unbanked or looking to tap into the convenience of a better banking option: Attijari bank customers can now get started safely transferring money online from or to someone else, have permanent access to check account balances, download their account info pay and manage their bills, or switch to filling a credit application…

How to “WeBank”?

More accurately, WeBank platform allows Attijari bank customers to open an account in less than eight minutes. The first step is to provide an email address, a phone number and to attach a portrait photo to the account. Then, the user of the platform has to choose between two proposed offers as WeBank is available in two packages: “We Start”, 100 percent free of charge, and “We Trust”, an even richer Premium service offered at an attractive price.

To support the “WeBank” experience, an innovative exchange and interaction system are set up through a network of operators available to answer customers’ requirements and meet their various expectations: appointment scheduling, advice, information, complaints, and other requests.

When asked about the development of online payment and regulatory barriers, Kamel Habbachi, CEO of Attijari bank, said: “We will have to initiate a debate about the future of online banking and align ourselves with international innovations. There is a real dynamic. It will be an obligation and not a choice”.