Morocco redeploys international flights from Casablanca Mohammed V airport
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Tuesday 11 May 2021 Last update on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 At 9:27 AM

In the context of the pandemic which has resulted in a drop in air traffic, the State has decided to optimize the management of its airports and to rationalize their operating costs. This requires a redeployment of international flights and the temporary closure of Terminal 2 at Casablanca airport.

Since May 7, all international flights operated at Terminal 2 of Casablanca Mohammed V airport, check-in and boarding, are transferred to Terminal 1. This transfer was decided by ONDA (Office National Des Aéroports), in consultation with airlines and various airport partners, with a view to optimizing airport resources and rationalizing operating costs for both ONDA and its partners.

It should be remembered that Terminal 1 was inaugurated by Mohamed VI on January 22, 2019. “This Terminal 1 covers an area of 76,000 m2, accommodating traffic of 7 million passengers per year. It has modern facilities and equipment respecting all health precautions (distance by marking on the ground, linear queues, disinfectant gel dispensers, etc.) ”specifies Habiba Laklalech, the new director of ONDA, who adds : “ONDA staff and those of its partners are constantly mobilized to offer a healthy and reassuring passenger experience under the best conditions of quality of service, safety and security”.

Terminal 1 has:

– a dedicated check-in area on two levels (33 counters on level 0 and 52 check-in counters upstairs);

– an automatic baggage sorting system with a capacity of more than 5,000 bags / hour;

– an area dedicated to departure police formalities with 39 emigration posts, two of which are dedicated to “fast track”;

– a two-level boarding hall with a shopping arcade, restaurants and cafes;

– VIP lounges and a smoking area.

We must add 9 telescopic gangways, including a triple gangway for accommodating A380 type planes, a transit area of 2,450 m2 with 18 emigration posts, equipment to streamline the passage of passengers (moving walkways, automatic doors , escalators, elevators, etc.), facilities for people with reduced mobility (access ramps, moving walkways, adapted counters, and dedicated sanitary facilities), free and unlimited WiFi coverage, car parking nearby on 2 levels (2,075 spaces), a drop-off area.

To accompany this transfer, a clear and appropriate signage system is put in place within and around the airport to facilitate the orientation of passengers. Guidance officers, recognizable by their outfits, are also available to passengers to provide any information or assistance.

ONDA, in collaboration with its partners, will regularly assess the situation, depending on the gradual evolution of traffic and the lifting of restrictive travel measures.

A reopening of Terminal 2 can be decided upon, as soon as air traffic returns to normal.

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