Egypt: British producer SDX Energy discovers high-quality gas reservoir in well IY-2
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Friday 16 July 2021 Last update on Friday, July 16, 2021 At 9:58 AM

The new drilling campaign on the South Disouq concession will be of great importance in maintaining production levels within a range that will meet growing demand.

On July 13, British producer SDX Energy announced that it had intersected a 40.5-foot column of high-quality gas sands in the IY-2 development well, the first target of its new drilling campaign in Egypt. The gas reservoir, which is located in the Kafr El Sheikh formation at 6,768 feet deep, has an average porosity of 23.4%.

The measured depth of the well is 8,025 feet. Initially scheduled to last almost 30 days, the activities lasted only two weeks. The drilling tests have already started and the results should be available in a few weeks. The company hopes the IY-2 well can maximize recovery from the Ibn Yunus field and help maintain current gross production levels of around 45 million cubic feet per day.

“This is a good result that fully justifies the drilling of the Ibn Yunus-2 well. With only a short hookup required, we expect the well to start contributing to production by the end of August, “said Mark Reid, CEO of SDX.

Well IY-2 is nearing completion. Once this step is completed, the drilling platform will proceed to the HA-1X exploration well. It is expected to begin operating there in early August, with a target of an average safe gross recoverable volumes of 139 billion cubic feet for a 33% chance of success.

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