Morocco: CIH Bank and Mastercard sign a strategic partnership to bring innovative digital payment solutions to the country
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Denys Bédarride
Thursday 30 September 2021 Last update on Thursday, September 30, 2021 At 12:28 PM

The aim is to introduce innovative payment solutions in Morocco. CIH Bank and Mastercard will launch new products and services based on the use of new technologies

Faithful to its image as an innovative bank, CIH Bank, based in Casablanca, has signed a long-term strategic partnership with Mastercard to bring innovative digital payment solutions to Morocco.

Together, the two companies will launch new technologies, new products and services to make everyday transactions simple, transparent and secure. Among the expanded solutions to be introduced, Mastercard’s prestigious World Elite card will soon be available to CIH Bank VIP customers, offering a range of industry-leading offers and benefits, including travel services. , lifestyle, concierge, insurance …

“In these difficult times, banks must go the extra mile to support and meet the needs of customers. At CIH Bank, we are committed to seeking new opportunities that will have a positive influence on the financial well-being of our clients. As a privileged partner, Mastercard’s solutions and innovations will enable us to achieve this objective, taking advantage of the advantages that digital payments can offer our customers ”underlines Lotfi Sekkat, President of CIH Bank.

And Mohamed Benomar, Managing Director North and West Africa at Mastercard:

“In a context of evolution towards a digital economy, Moroccan consumers are increasingly looking for new customized and innovative digital payment methods, aligned with the evolution of their needs and their lifestyles. We are delighted with our partnership with CIH Bank to bring our latest and most innovative products and solutions to the market to further modernize the payments ecosystem in Morocco. Together, we will work to improve the experience of daily payments for consumers by making them simple and secure ”.

CIH Bank is committed to fostering financial inclusion in the region and to developing programs that meet the needs of its clients. CIH Bank recently launched a free banking offer for those who wish to open an account via their CIH Mobile application. A major player in the Moroccan banking sector, CIH Bank has contributed for more than a century to the economic and social development of Morocco.

It is a universal bank offering innovative and highly digitalized banking products and solutions, serving individuals, professionals and businesses of all sizes. Today, CIH Bank is positioned as the bank of the future, constantly improving the customer experience for both individuals and businesses, and this by engaging in an innovation strategy based on the use of new technologies.

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