Morocco engages in force in New York from September 25 to 29
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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 22 September 2021 Last update on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 At 10:06 AM

The Shereefian Kingdom is exported to the United States. For 5 days, the country will promote its agri-food and fishery products across the Atlantic, with the ambition of developing its exports to the American market.

A vast communication campaign, accompanied by a colorful ephemeral showroom in the prestigious district of Hudson Yards Public Square & Gardens, was launched by the Kingdom and more precisely by the Autonomous Establishment of Export Control and Coordination (EACCE ) Morocco Foodex, as part of its missions to promote and develop agro-food and fishery products. 

This unprecedented information and promotion action aimed at consumers on the American market, scheduled in New York to last from September 25 to 29, was set up to promote the Moroccan exportable offer around a moment of sharing where New Yorkers are invited to come and visit and taste the dishes specially prepared by Moroccan Chef Yasmina Ksikes. 

The theme adopted for this promotional action is: “Morocco, Kingdom of Taste” and five sectors will be highlighted: fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, olive crops, local products and fishery products. “The Moroccan exportable offer brings together a set of factors making it possible to offer a variety of products rich in their diversity, recognized by their traceability, unique in their flavors and also competitive thanks to the agricultural policy implemented in recent years by the country . Moroccan agricultural and fishery products are now a guarantee of reliability, credibility and authenticity ”specifies the EACCE which adds:“ At a time when consumption trends are oriented towards healthy and responsible food, Morocco, with all the efforts made, can boast of meeting these criteria ”. 

Morocco has long been considered an agricultural country whose natural assets give its products a natural competitiveness internationally. Thanks to an innovative and dynamic agricultural policy, and to a set of geographical and human factors, Morocco has become in a few years a major player in agrifood and fishery exports. 

This competitiveness has multiple origins: great freshness and taste quality of the products; exceptional climatic conditions ensuring a high availability of basic products; a much lower cost of living and labor than in Europe or other countries; an excellent geographical position which makes Morocco a major African hub turned towards both Europe and Africa; an attractive destination for foreign investment.

The agricultural sector represents nearly 16% of the country’s GDP and plays a fundamental role in terms of jobs and activities, especially in rural areas. 70% of the rural population is directly dependent on it. Morocco mainly exports seafood, fruits and vegetables.

With around 15% of the total, exports from the agricultural sector constitute a significant source of foreign exchange for the country.

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