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Denys Bédarride
Tuesday 2 November 2021 Last update on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 At 6:26 PM

The Bank has relocated part of its back-office activities, creating around 50 jobs, a figure that could double in the near future. With the support of the Region and the Wilaya of the Oriental, the financial institution will also set up a start-up incubator in its former premises.

To better support the economic momentum in the Oriental region, the Banque Populaire d´Oujda has set up a new head office located in the area of ​​the new railway station.

It is the first building of this scale to be built in this area designated as the city’s new economic heart.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Mohamed Karim Mounir, President of the BCP Group (Banque Centrale Populaire), in the presence of the President of the Oriental Region, and Mohamed Mahrous, President of the Management Board of the Banque Populaire d´Oujda. A true architectural gem, this modern 13-storey building is part of the BCP Group’s commitment to supporting the region’s economic and social development.

In this context, the Bank recently relocated part of its back office activities to Oujda, thus creating around fifty additional direct jobs, with the objective of reaching 120 jobs in the near future.

“Based on its values ​​of proximity and citizenship, Banque Populaire has always had the mission of supporting the economic development of all regions of Morocco. We believe in the potential of the regions, and particularly those of the Oriental region. We remain convinced that this region will regain all its dynamism and, for this, we are present to support it through adapted and innovative measures ”declared Mohamed Karim Mounir.

Following on from this inauguration, the Bank signed several agreements with the Region of the Wilaya of the Oriental, aimed at contributing to the dynamic of job creation to promote entrepreneurship. Through a first memorandum of understanding, the Region, the Wilaya of the Oriental and the BCP will set up a start-up incubator as well as a space dedicated to supporting cooperatives and businesses in creation within the former headquarters of the Banque Populaire d’Oujda.

The president of the BCP Group added: “These actions perfectly illustrate the mutualist and citizen DNA of the BCP group and reinforce its position as an economic and social actor committed to the development of all regions of Morocco”.

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