La Turquie veut s’imposer comme un acteur incontournable des communications par satellite
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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 24 November 2021 Last update on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 At 4:04 PM

Last January, Turkey's fourth telecoms satellite was launched into space. It has already taken its marks across the world. Turkey has already developed new equipment, the fifth. The country is committed to its ambition to become a key player in satellite communications.

Türksat, the Turkish public company specializing in the provision of telecommunications services by satellite, announced on November 21 that its new satellite called Türksat 5B has been officially delivered to it by Airbus Defense and Space after technical tests of use.

Omer Fatih Sayan, Turkish Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, and Hasan Huseyin Ertok, General Manager of Türksat, took delivery of the equipment that will be shipped to Florida for launch into space in December by SpaceX, from Cape Canaveral base on the Falcon 9 space launcher.

The Türksat company indicated that the Türksat 5B satellite, which “will be the most powerful in the Türksat satellite fleet with its payload capacity and power values, belongs to the category of high-speed satellites (HTS) with an efficiency of at least 20 times the capacity of Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) class satellites ”.

She said the equipment will serve a wide area of ​​coverage, including North and East Africa, Nigeria, South Africa and its nearby neighboring countries.

The launch of the Türksat 5B satellite will take place a few months after the launch of the Türksat 5A satellite last January. It had reached its geosynchronous orbit, essential for its entry into service, on May 4. It entered service on June 28 and already covers several African countries. It was also built by Airbus Defense and Space.

With the use of the Türksat 5B satellite in an orbit of 42 degrees East, Türksat aims to increase its capacity in Ku-band as well as the data service in Ka-band. The equipment will also provide redundancy for the Türksat 3A and Türksat 4A satellites serving the same orbit. Türksat 5B, which will be the country’s fifth communications satellite, along with Türksat 3A, Türksat 4A, Türksat 4B and Türksat 5A, has a lifespan of 35 years.

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