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Denys Bédarride
Friday 17 December 2021 Last update on Friday, December 17, 2021 At 2:52 PM

A few days ago, in Casablanca, its president Saïd Benryane, defined an action plan for 2022 with as a strong point, the Investment Forum which will take place in Marrakech from May 17 to 19, 2022.

Created only a few months ago, the Morocco-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMI), headquartered in Casablanca, has already carried out significant work to mark the ground for the attention of Moroccan operators and Israelis.

With a very dynamic team, the young Chamber spares no effort in accomplishing its mission. Following the signing of an agreement to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries, Morocco and Israel are making the necessary efforts to make up for lost time on all fronts.

The role of the young CCIMI, which already has nearly 150 economic operators based in Morocco and which is chaired by Saïd Benryane, is therefore crucial. He did not fail to recall this during a presentation meeting organized on December 9 in Casablanca, in the presence of personalities from the business world.

“Our action plan for the year 2022 will be structured around four major events: two here in Morocco and two in Israel,” said Saïd Benryane before adding: “The CCIMI constitutes a bridge going into the sense of rapprochement between the two countries. We immediately felt a strong enthusiasm on the part of the operators here in Casablanca and in the other cities ”.

It should be remembered that it was last November that the CCIMI held the first assembly which formalized its constitution, and made it possible to set up a board of directors made up of eleven people to ensure its proper functioning. The CCIMI was created as a non-profit association in accordance with Moroccan law.

It is an organization at the service of strengthening economic relations between the two countries, helping to give more visibility to the opportunities offered by Morocco and Israel.

“We have almost every day new requests for membership,” observed Jonathan Levy, chairman of the Services commission, assuring that the twin chamber of the CCIMI in Israel (The Israel-Morocco Chamber of Commerce and Industry ), also arouses the same enthusiasm among Israeli operators who are very interested in partnerships with the Kingdom.

The CCIMI will organize networking events in the first months of 2022 which will provide support to business networks in Israel and Morocco in order to speed up exchanges and mark the start of the actions of the Chamber.

“There will also be many other events in the sectors of renewable energies, agriculture and water, health and pharmaceutical industries and manufacturing industries,” said Saïd Benryane before concluding: “There will also be business missions, participation in forums. But the big event of 2022 concerns the Morocco-Israel Investment Forum which will take place in Marrakech from May 17 to 19, 2022 and which will bring together 300 Moroccan and Israeli businessmen “. 

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