BUSINESSMED: Review of 2021 actions but above all the priorities for 2022 such as the Green Deal or women entrepreneurs 1
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Denys Bédarride
Friday 18 March 2022 Last update on Friday, March 18, 2022 At 4:00 PM

BUSINESSMED held its Ordinary General Assembly for 2022 in Rome on March 10 in order to present the work accomplished and the annual report for 2021 and to define the Organization's strategy to face current challenges: President Barbara Beltrame underlined the efforts undertaken by the Organization to respond to them and thus promote action and improve services, positioning BUSINESSMED as a key player in the regional sphere and in defining the Africa-Euro-Mediterranean Agenda.

Four new development pillars

As President, I am proud to represent this organization and the work we have done. For the next few years of my term as President, I see the work of our organization continuing in line with our current achievements within our four new pillars of expertise, and this work will also continue with the help of Businessmed members, spreading our EuroMed values and our spirit of partnership.

We have also identified four major pillars for our new path, which structure our activities and our publications. We have created four thematic commissions of employers to develop the political component of our action. We look at the impact of digitalization and how we can help SMEs to follow this process, as well as their internationalization. We focus on how employers can respond to the challenges of the Green Deal, the implications of which will define how we do business across the Mediterranean. And finally, we focus on women and young entrepreneurs as economic actors in our economies

said Barbara Beltrame Giacomello, President of BUSINESSMED in her welcome speech.

As this concern is one of the priorities of BUSINESSMED, the Organization has set up the Thematic Commission “Women and Young Entrepreneurs”, which aims to strengthen regional inclusion by creating opportunities for young people and strengthening equity between gender through socio-economic reforms and key investment initiatives.

The launch of this Commission took place during a meeting whose objective was to gather data on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop common recommendations for employers’ federations in the region.

Another Thematic Commission on the internationalization of SMEs has also been launched. This meeting aimed to identify a set of good practices and guidelines to foster international development and thus promote intra-Mediterranean trade as a roadmap for economic recovery.

Through this thematic committee, the organization is committed to helping SMEs access new markets in order to strengthen competitiveness, economic growth and innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Since last year, the organization has structured its activities around 4 pillars of expertise:

The regional integration aspect includes the expansion of the organization’s network to other countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, a commercial environment prolific and favorable to most members of the organization. Agreements and partnerships with regional organizations are envisaged to move in this direction.

Download and read the annual report below :

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