A record number of women running for Lebanon's parliamentary elections
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Sami Bouzid
jeudi 8 mars 2018 Dernière mise à jour le Jeudi 8 Mars 2018 à 10:22

A total of 111 women announced their candidacies for Lebanon's spring parliamentary elections. A record compared to the last election when only 12 candidates were female.

There are only four women deputies in Lebanon

They will be 111 among the total of 976 candidates. The percentage of female candidates is 11,37% and even if it looks derisory, this number is a performance compared to the last elections. Indeed, in 2009, last parliamentary elections, only 15 women had run from a field of over 702 candidates. Approximatively that’s 2% of the total.

Since then the next spring election marks a sharp increase in women representation, and among them, some are known by Lebanese citizens. The journalists Paula Yaacoubian or Jessica Azar, the lawyer and one-time presidential candidate Nadine Moussa, or the civil society activist Nayla Geagea.

Now the question is how many of them will be elected? The famous singer Elissa asked on her Twitter account for “more active women“. Christina Lasse the EU ambassador in Lebanon added that she is  “crossing fingers for the 111 candidates”  she asked Lebanese to “break the glass ceiling” with the hashtag #pressforprogress.

The May 6 vote will be the first test of Lebanon’s new proportional electoral law. The first election too since a decade, with the hope to see more than 4 women seats in Parliament. 

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