Egypt to receive $ 50 million in emergency aid to strengthen prevention, detection and preparedness for response to the Covid-19 pandemic
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vendredi 29 mai 2020 Dernière mise à jour le Vendredi 29 Mai 2020 à 15:18

The World Bank approved a $ 50 million disbursement on May 17 through its new Covid-19 fast-track facility to Egypt. This is to support the country's health response plan to the pandemic.

According to the institution, this financial support revolves around 3 priorities, namely strengthening the prevention, detection and preparation of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Egypt.

Concretely, the funding aims to support the purchase and distribution of medical equipment and supplies necessary for the fight against the pandemic; training of health workers; the operation of quarantine centers; the mobilization of rapid intervention teams to search for Covid-19 cases; setting up messaging platforms and tools to improve public awareness of disease prevention, etc.

For World Bank resident representative Marina Wes , “This phase of our support is aimed at protecting the poorest and most vulnerable households and helping the country to implement emergency health operations and to strengthen economic resilience ”.

The response plan put in place by the Egyptian authorities to fight the pandemic is estimated at 100 billion Egyptian pounds (about $ 6.3 billion).

The latest assessment of the pandemic in Egypt on May 18 reported 12,229 confirmed cases, 630 deaths and 3,172 cured.

Source Ecofin agency May 2020

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