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The President of BUSINESSMED and Vice-President for Internationalisation of Confindustria, Barbara Beltrame Giacomello, officially launched the INVESTMED project on 24 November in an online conference.

She was accompanied by several partners, including the Union for the Mediterranean, the Tunisian Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation and consortium members from 6 countries around the Mediterranean. 

Co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the  ENI CBC MED 2014-2020 programme, the INVESTMED project aims to support new sustainable business opportunities for young people and women in three countries: Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia.

INVESTMED will have an impact on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the countries concerned. Their staff will be trained and coached to become competitive and financially supported through an open contest. The aim is also to facilitate access to protection of intellectual property rights for these small businesses.

“It is our duty to support youth by creating a favourable environment and facilitating access to new markets with the final aim of creating new economic opportunities and jobs where nobody is left behind. We must look to the future; and what is ahead of us will be more challenging as we continue to promote gender diversity by empowering women entrepreneurs and unlocking their potential in sustainable industries. We will highlight that gender equality is a prerequisite for economic development…INVESTMED will be an opportunity to re-examine the link between entrepreneurship and sustainability in order to build an interactive framework for the entrepreneurial journey of young people in the Mediterranean” explained the President of BUSINESSMED Barbara Beltrame Giacomello.

Among the expected results of the project, 315 young graduates, entrepreneurs, and start-ups led by young women will benefit from an ad hoc training programme that will develop 42 new entrepreneurial ideas. 

INVESTMED will also provide training to 10 employees of public authorities in the target Mediterranean countries who will subsequently orient newly created companies to the protection of intellectual property.

INVESTMED is coordinated by BUSINESSMED, the Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises, as part of a consortium of 9 partners and 4 associates representing different countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

-Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises, BUSINESSMED (TU)

– Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, EMEA (ES)

– European Institute of the Mediterranean, IEMed (ES)

– Beyond Reform and Development / Irada Group S.A.L, BRD (LE)

– Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, IED (GR)

– Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta, LUMSA (IT)

– Rumundu Social Promotion Association, RUMUNDU (IT)

– Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, CEEBA (EG)

– Spanish Chamber of Commerce, CCE (ES)

The INVESTMED project has a duration of 30 months and is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin 2014-2020 programme.

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