Ehud Barak: an Israeli defensor of the Mediterranean exchanges! 2
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Friday 30 March 2018 Last update on Friday, March 30, 2018 At 1:19 PM

Ehud Barak is the former Prime Minister of Israel and the CEO of the apps Reporty. Interviewed by Ecomnews Med, he explains how Israel is economically and historically part of the Mediterranean. Portrait.

Born in 1942, Ehud Barak grew up in Mandatory Palestine, then in Israel. He studied physics in Jerusalem in 1968, before obtaining a master’s degree in engineering-economic systems in 1978, in California, US.

In the Israel Defense Forces where he served for 35 years, he rose up the lieutenant grade.

In 1995, he started his political career by being appointed by Yitzhak Rabin as a Minister of Internal Affairs. Following Rabin’s assassination in November 1995, Barak was made Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1996. In the same year, he got elected to the Knesset as a member of parliament and then became the leader of the Labor Party.

In 1999 during the Prime Ministerial election, Barak beat Benjamin Netanyahu by a wide margin. In the same year, he put an end to the 22 years long occupation of Israel in Southern Lebanon.

The Ehud Barak vision for peace could be summed up by this quotation: “Every attempt [by the State of Israel] to keep hold of this area [the West Bank and Gaza] as one political entity leads, necessarily, to either a nondemocratic or a non-Jewish state. Because if the Palestinians vote, then it is a binational state, and if they don’t vote it is an apartheid state. »

In 1999, because of the controversial alliance he made with the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, he resigned from his Prime Minister position.

Then he decided to mobilize his skills into the business. Since he is the CEO and leader of the app Reporty.

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