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Thursday 24 June 2021 Last update on Thursday, June 24, 2021 At 2:51 PM

The technological expertise that Egypt has developed over the years has already earned it the growing interest of various countries in the Middle East keen to achieve their digital transformation. After Libya, Iraq also seeks Egyptian enlightenment. They will cover several ICT aspects.

On the proposal of the Iraqi Minister of Communications, Arkan Shahab, the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will help the Iraqi government to carry out digital transformation and service automation projects. An Egyptian-Iraqi company will also be created for this purpose, revealed Amr Talaat, the Egyptian minister, on June 18, during the audience he granted to his Iraqi counterpart at the head of a delegation bringing together government officials and representatives of the Iraqi private sector.

According to Amr Talaat, a joint team will be created to implement the joint venture that will drive digital transformation projects in Iraq. A joint committee will also be formed to establish short, medium and long term operational plans. The Egyptian official said that his department will put all its capacities and expertise at the service of this bilateral cooperation.

The exchanges between Amr Talaat and Arkan Shahab took place the day after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Egypt and Iraq on the strengthening of cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies. communication. The two countries will exchange expertise in telecoms infrastructure, digital transformation, capacity building, postal services, digital Arabic content, innovation, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, research and development, satellites, legislative and regulatory framework and technology parks.

Since the Covid-19 crisis, the Iraqi government has made the digitization of its services a priority. With Egyptian technological expertise gradually gaining in authority in the Middle East, the Iraqi Minister of Communications believes that the country will gain not only in quality in the realization of the various determined digital projects, but also in the acquisition of skills which it needs. will later enable the digitization of strategic sectors.

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