Turkey rejects the West's orientalist approaches to the African continent
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Thursday 21 October 2021 Last update on Thursday, October 21, 2021 At 12:28 PM

The Turkish Head of State addressed the Angolan National Assembly on October 18 on the sidelines of his visit to Angola. "Turkey rejects the West's orientalist approaches to the African continent," said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He condemned the actions of countries which perpetuate discriminatory acts against the African continent.

“These countries must get rid of the charm of their own bloody history and face the current realities, he insisted. The fate of Humanity cannot and must not be left at the mercy of a handful of countries. victors of World War II. “

Erdogan recalled that Turkey has 43 embassies to date on the African continent and 37 African countries have opened embassies in Ankara.

He recognized the contribution of the African continent to building the world through its past, its culture, its people and its enormous potential in all fields.

Thus, the President affirmed that Turkey considers all the peoples of the African continent as friends without any discrimination.

He recalled that the Turkey-Africa Partnership summits, the first of which took place in Istanbul in 2008 and the second in Malabo in 2014, played an important role in the advancement of relations between Turkey and the African continent.

“At these summits, we have shown that our country’s love for Africa, its strategic partner, is not interest-driven,” he said. scholarships to train a skilled workforce, which is the continent’s greatest need. Turkey has trained 11,000 graduates in the past 25 years. “

Erdogan noted that the mutual visits that have taken place over the past three months are a harbinger of a new era in Turkey-Angola relations.

“From now on, we will both make up for lost time and look for ways to improve our cooperation in all fields, he stressed. I hope that my visit, which shows the importance we attach to improving our relations with Angola, which is beneficial for our two countries. “

The President stressed that his country never accepts “a configuration of bilateral relations in which one side wins while the other loses, one is the producer and the other is the constant consumer”.

“Our goal is to win together, to develop together, to grow together, he noted. Angola is the shining star of its region thanks to its natural resources, its mineral and oil reserves. Our companies are ready to contribute to the infrastructural development of Angola and to the expansion of its production range. We are open and ready for comprehensive cooperation in all fields. “

Erdogan stressed that interparliamentary relations are also one of his priorities.

“We have created our Interparliamentary Friendship Group with Angola within our Parliament. The creation of a Friendship Group within the Angolan Assembly will undoubtedly contribute greatly to the development of our relations”, he concluded.

Source Anadolu Agency

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