Morocco wants to build two new high-speed LGV lines. The first Marrakech to Agadir and the second, the extension to Marrakech of the current LGV Tanger-Casablanca
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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 2 February 2022 Last update on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 At 2:01 PM

Currently in Morocco, only 23 urban areas are accessible by train. The ONCF (Office national des Chemins de fer), through its extension plan, would like to expand its network to 43 cities by 2040.

Morocco plans to build two new high-speed lines (LGV). The first will connect Marrakech to Agadir, while the second will be an extension to Marrakech of the current LGV Tangier-Casablanca, inaugurated in November 2018.

In a speech before the House of Representatives on January 17, Mohamed Abdeljalil, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, indicated that the development of these two infrastructures is currently a priority for the Cherifian kingdom. He added that the projects will require an investment of about 100 billion dirhams (10.7 billion USD), and that they are currently at the stage of mobilizing financing.

This is part of the national network extension policy, called the “National Plan for the Development of Railway Infrastructure”. Developed by the ONCF (National Railways Office), this roadmap covers the construction of 1,300 km of high-speed line and 3,800 km of conventional railway.

According to the Moroccan authorities, these projects will make it possible to establish a better interconnection between the North and the South of the country in order to open up the Saharan regions, and revitalize the economy and tourism.

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