Egypt: The Ministry of Petroleum announced that 9.5 billion dollars of financing will be allocated to the improvement of the oil production of the country
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Denys Bédarride
Friday 4 February 2022 Last update on Friday, February 4, 2022 At 10:00 AM

United Oil and Gas' 2021 drilling campaign in Egypt was a success. That of 2022 feeds the ambition to increase not only production, but also the income of society.

In Egypt, the oil and gas company United Oil and Gas announced on January 27 that it had launched its 2022 drilling campaign on its Abu Sennan license. This began with the drilling of the ASD-2 development well, the first of a series of four wells that the company plans to drill this year.

You should know that the drilling of the ASD-2 well is entirely financed by United. It targets the northwest highest point of the ASD geological structure. This, in order to increase the potential gross volumes of the Abu Roash C reservoir estimated at 5.5 million barrels according to the STOIIP index, while accelerating the production of the field. In addition, the drilling of the ASD-2 well will test a secondary target located in the Abu Roash E reservoir.

According to details from United Oil, the ASD-2 well can be quickly connected to existing facilities. This will allow the company to increase not only its production, but also its income.

As a reminder, the drilling of the ASD-2 well follows that of the ASD-1X exploration well drilled successfully in 2021. It made a commercial discovery while testing the lower Bahariya and ARC reservoirs.

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