Turkey: The Turkish President wants to achieve the economic objectives that his party has set for 2023
Présidence de la République de Türkiye
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Wednesday 23 March 2022 Last update on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 At 6:00 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed the determination of his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to achieve the goals of 2023, for the centenary of the Republic. Significant changes have been made to Turkey's economic program due to the global context plagued by various crises.

Also party leader, Erdogan spoke on March 21 at a party meeting at the Presidential Palace in the capital Ankara.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged his party officials to further close ranks at a time when the world is rocked by economic crises, wars, games of social and political engineering, and as the centenary celebration approaches of the Republic of Turkey, in 2023.

“As long as we keep our spirit of unity, fraternity, solidarity, there is no problem that we cannot overcome, no victory that we cannot glean, he launched. I hope that we together we will celebrate the electoral victory in June 2023, and I hope that we will together lay the milestones of our country for the horizon 2053.”

President Erdogan also said that the upheaval in the global production and logistics system as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have created a historic opportunity for Turkey to score many positives.

He added that readjustments have been made to the economic program due to the difficult events in the world.

“We have put in place a new economic program that will allow us to take our country out of the classic scenarios of interest rates, exchange rates and inflation, and which will allow us to take advantage of opportunities adapted to our needs, a- We are going through a period when the balances of the world have been shaken by Covid-19 and are deeply disturbed by conflicts such as the war between Ukraine and Russia, combined with regional, political and economic tensions. We are also suffering from the negative effects of this situation. Firstly, we have considerably controlled exchange rate instability thanks to the measures and mechanisms that we have put in place.”

Erdogan pointed out that the Turkish government has turned to policies that will protect citizens from the rising cost of living caused by the rising exchange rate and fluctuations in global commodity prices.

“We have taken many measures, ranging from raising the minimum wage to increasing the salaries of civil servants and workers, from expanding the range of social assistance to energy subsidies,” he concluded.

Source Anadolu Agency

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