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Denys Bédarride
Wednesday 20 January 2021 Last update on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 At 4:42 PM

1 kg of hydrogen produces about 3 times the energy produced by 1 kg of gasoline and it can be produced from a renewable energy source. Egypt has just joined forces with Siemens to explore avenues for the development of its use.

Egypt has just signed an agreement with Siemens to set up a hydrogen project. The agreement of intent signed by Mohamed Shaker, the Egyptian Minister of Energy and Joe Kaiser, the CEO of Siemens will allow the two entities to start discussions and studies relating to the project.

As a first step, it will eventually allow the country to position itself as an exporter of the energy source. An inter-ministerial committee is currently evaluating the use in the near future of hydrogen as an energy source in the country. It also examines all possible alternatives for the production and use of this hydrogen, taking into account experiences on a global scale in this context.

The signing of the agreement and these various steps are part of Egypt’s “Energy Strategy 2035”, which includes hydrogen in new energy sources. The country thus intends to extend the field of green energies and increase their contribution to the national energy mix.

Egypt thus joins the club of countries considering hydrogen as a future source of electricity in the inevitable movement of the transition. In Mali, for example, the production of hydrogen has been tested for eight years by Hydroma, which uses it to supply the town of Bourakébougou.

Source Ecofin Agency