Libya : Italy is increasingly committed to rebuilding the country's infrastructure
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Denys Bédarride
Tuesday 14 December 2021 Last update on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 At 6:27 AM

Italy, a former colonizing country of Libya, has shown a certain interest in the reconstruction of the country which has fallen into ruins with armed conflicts since 2011. Italy, which has engaged in the reconstruction of the Tripoli airport, is also positioning itself on certain road projects.

The Italian-Libyan joint commission in charge of carrying out the project of the great Libyan highway, has given its agreement to continue the process of awarding the contract for the construction of lot 4 of the project. In a tweet on December 8, the Italian Embassy near Libya indicated that “the Italian-Libyan Joint Commission has agreed to send letters of invitation to companies prequalified to participate in the tender. on lot 4 of the project ”.

Lot 4 – which extends from Misrata (located 200 km east of Tripoli the capital) to Ras Ajdir, a town on the border with Tunisia – represents a segment of the main coastal road that will interconnect this part of the country to Imssad , city bordering with Egypt.

Italy’s positioning, as a donor on this project, is in line with the commitment it gave in 2008 through an agreement signed with the late Libyan guide Mouammar Gadhafi, to compensate for the damage caused. to Libya through colonization. The said agreement provided for Italian investments of $ 5 billion ($ 200 million per year over 25 years) in Libyan infrastructure.

This infrastructure, once built, will help facilitate the flow of people and goods between the west and east of the country. Note that the destruction of a good part of the road network, associated with the fact that these regions are under the control of rival armed troops, severely affects the accessibility of these localities and exchanges between populations.

Currently, all the hopes of the country rest on the next elections on December 24 which could allow a return to stability, which could trigger a certain revival of the economy.

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